Integrate Mineral base CC

Integrate Mineral base CC

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Tone-up & cover effect, mineral CC base

It is a makeup foundation of CC effect, which makes it a glossy skin with high transparency. 
With the effect of multipolarization pearl which emits light of various colors, it naturally covers dullness, bear and acne scars. 
At the same time, it also tone up the skin, it also shows the effect of making it look beautiful.

  • CC
  • Color uneven cover
  • UV cut

Makeup base


Internal capacity 20g
Product size Width 35 mm × height 117 mm × depth 22 mm
UV protection effect SPF30 · PA +++
type Creamy
fragrance No fragrance
Country of origin Japan
Release date 2016/9/21

Allergy tested
(Not all people suffer from allergies.)

Prescription that is difficult to become acne
(Not all people can not acne.)