DHC Morning Face Wash 180ml

DHC Morning Face Wash 180ml

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Protect the skin's moisture, make skin with good make-up!

Morning facial cleanser coming out with bubbles
"DHC Morning Face Wash" is a skin care facial wash before make, which gently cleans unnecessary dirt while washing skin moist and washes it to the skin with good condition.

It is a skin-friendly weakly acidic cleansing component derived from plants to prevent dry skin due to excessive dropping and to the skin with good condition. In addition, it adds abundant beauty moisturizing ingredients such as [White Rose *] [Collagen] which gives moisture while washing the skin. With a moisture balanced formula spreading on your skin, it keeps moisture even after cleansing and prevents drying of the skin.

It is a pleasant point that it takes time and effort to bubble because it is a pump formula that bubbles come out with fine detail just by pushing. You can wash your skin gently with plenty of bubbles.

Fragrance of gentle rose derived from natural plant extract.
No coloring / paraben free natural ingredient combination.

* Rosa alba flower extract
How to use
At the beginning of use please remove the stopper and push the pump several times until contents come out. Take an appropriate amount (pump 2 to 3 pushes) in the palm of your hand and wash it like wrapping the whole face with foam. Please rinse with water or lukewarm water carefully.

※ You can use it for face washing other than morning.
※ If it gets in your eyes, please rinse immediately.