DHC medicated New Mild Touch Cleansing Oil

DHC medicated New Mild Touch Cleansing Oil 150ml or 200ml

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You can use wet hands and eyelash extensions! Plenty of medicated cleansing oil size!

It is a cleansing oil that can be used for wet hands and face, even in a bath.
Both makeup, as well as cleansing power to clear pores dirt and darkness and gentleness to the skin were compatible. Moisturizing after washing while preventing rough skin. Like a beauty lotion, you can feel comfortable cleansing with a texture to spread and a gentle aroma natural lavender aroma.
Since eyelash extensions adhesive (glue) is not melted, it can be used while eyelash extensions are in use.

※ Depending on the type of adhesive (glue) and adhesive condition, it may not be available.