DHC Cleansing Balm 90g  Make up Remover

DHC Cleansing Balm 90g Make up Remover

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A cleansing balm that holds make-up and dirt, melts with skin

"DHC Cleansing Balm" is a cleansing balm that considers not only
the cleansing power that cleanses makeup with a plant-derived cleansing ingredient,
but also the skin of the wash-up which is "keep moist, soft."
While it is solid, it melts at body temperature on the skin and changes like oil.
Tacky high adhesion balm hangs make-up, dirt, extra sebum and turns it off.
It does not deprive the necessary oil content too much, and it keeps soft skin moistly
by the function of plant-derived cleansing ingredients and beautiful skin ingredients.
A scent of fresh floral, directing a pleasant cleansing time.

No coloring ・ Paraben free ・ Petroleum type surfactant not used ・ Mineral oil not used ・ Natural ingredient combination.

High adhesion balm which does not drip, firmly removes makeup and dirt!

Put the warmed balm on your skin with a dry palm, just catch your makeup and
dirt by just sliding your fingers. Remove makeup such as waterproof eyeliner and mascara completely.
As the main ingredient is oil, it is a highly sticky balm with moderate thickening, so that dripping does not matter

Cleansing power is high, it is easy for the skin. Plant-derived cleansing balm

Do not use mineral oil that is burdensome on the skin. Besides plant cleansing ingredients,
it combines beautiful skin ingredients such as rosemary, sage and horse chestnut.
By using the main ingredient as a plant-derived raw material, we achieved both a high cleansing power and a moisturizing wash.

How to use

Take 3 pearl particles and warm it with the palm of your hand.
After that, after spreading on the whole face,
after familiarizing with makeup well please rinse with water or lukewarm water.