BCL Saborino Morning Care Face Mask

BCL Saborino Morning Care Face Mask

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Saborino Morning Care Face Mask 32 sheets or 5 sheet Japan very popular!
Saborino is currently very popular Facial Sheet Mask in Japan. Indeed, this facial mask was ranked number two as the best facial mask award by @cosme, a huge cosmetic review site in Japan, in 2016.  BCL Company, a Japanese cosmetic company which was established in 1996, released Saborino facial sheet mask in 2015. (By the way, BCL is also well known company makes their popular AHA Wash Cleansing.) Soon after they released Saborino, it became very popular in Japan. They already sold 10 million sheets of Saborino in two years. Their facial mask is very unique and wins the hearts of Japanese women. One of the reasons why Saborino is very popular is that this facial sheet mask is made for morning skincare. You might think that we don't have time to use facial sheet mask in busy morning! Actually, this facial mask is perfect for super busy morning. :)

Saborino is an all-in-one facial sheet mask. You don't have wash your face before using it. As soon as you wake up, apply this facial sheet mask on your face for 60 seconds. Now, your face is ready to makeup!  With using Saborino facial sheet mask, you don't need facial cleanser, moisturizer and makeup primer! :) It's perfect for lazy girls.

     When you use any facial sheet mask, I recommend you to use Daiso Reusable Silicon Mask Cover, which prevents moisture evaporation from the mask and really can keep still your facial sheet mask on your face. You can check out my previous entry, Top 3 Daiso Beauty Products.  While you are applying the Saborino facial sheet mask for 60 seconds, you can brush your teeth or change your clothing. It really saves your time. Some Japanese people review that they use it every morning because it moisturizes your face better than regular skin care routine. They place the pack of Saborino on their bedside table. Next morning, they pick one sheet and apply it while they are still in the bed. The sheet mask has refreshing menthol and is pretty cold, so it really wakes them up. After applying it for 60 seconds, they can get out of the bed. :) 

"Saborino Mezama Sheet" is simply pasted on the waking-up skin,
It is an all-in-one mask (3 in 1) that can wash face, skin care and makeup base.
I wake up at once with a very cool cool feeling. Skin care ingredients with a tightening effect are also included.
Moisturizing ingredients for moisture keeping of the day are also firmly incorporated.
By wiping off at the time of peeling, we will take extra horny and dirt together.

       It's still pretty new Japanese facial sheet mask, so it is not famous outside Japan yet. However, I think that morning facial sheet mask, Saborino, will be popular outside Japan years later probably. :)

【The secret of simple steps】
1, Mask removal can be done with a single touch! There is no need to spread the mask.
2, The mask is excellent in stretchability! Expand and fit tightly closely.
Peel off the mask in 3, 60 seconds and complete. It is also recommended to putting after folding.