New DHC The Snow Shot Spot clear essence 20g

New DHC The Snow Shot Spot clear essence 20g

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"DHC The Snow Shot" is a beauty essence that leads to a sense of transparency like white snow and full skin. Focusing on the aging spot, it combines two types of [vitamin derivatives] and [vitamin-like substance derivatives] that approach from multiple directions. It brings out a sense of transparency in intensive care and leads to a clear and youthful skin impression.

In addition, we focused on the mechanism of <nrf2 naphtha> to turn on the skin care switch, and formulated a plant-derived ingredient [Nigahauka extract]. It works on older skin and provides total support for beauty.

We adopt "Merty approach prescription" which is familiar to melt on the skin and delivers beauty moisturizing ingredients to the horny layer deep. With a soft texture, it can be applied easily to areas called "C zone" where aging spots are easily generated, and it concentrates care on the aging spots of concern.

No fragrance, no color, paraben free Natural ingredients included.