House of Rose AC confront Spots Essence 15 g

House of Rose AC confront Spots Essence 15 g

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It is a medicinal essence for part that prevents acne and intensifies care.
Incorporates the active ingredient "Hinokitiol" at a high concentration (compared to our company), prevents acne, and prepares it to smooth skin. It is a transparent gel type of further feel, you can use it even from above makeup.

[Medicinal essence]
15 g

[Active ingredient]
Hinokitiol · Colloidal sulfur (Biosulfur · Frid) (active ingredient)
[Main beauty ingredients] Kidachiaroe extract / artichoke extract (all moisturizing ingredients) included.
※ No fragrance · coloring · mineral oil · oil free · alcohol (ethanol) free
※ Non - comedogenic tested (It is not that no comedo (origin of acne) occurs in everyone.)

■ Product specification
[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount at your fingertips, and let it fit the area you care about.

Hinokitiol *, Biosulfur · Frid *, purified water, BG, aloe extract 1, artichoke extract, POE hydrogenated castor oil, arginine, carboxyvinyl polymer, hydrophobized hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
* Is "active ingredient", those without * are "other ingredients"

[Country of origin] Japan