DHC white sunscreen SPF35・PA+++ 30ml Japan

DHC white sunscreen SPF35・PA+++ 30ml Japan

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 DHC white sunscreen 30 mL

"DHC white sunscreen" is a skin care concept day suppression which blended a variety of beauty components such as α (alpha) - arbutin, vitamin C, concentrated olive leaf extract. It prevents dryness due to sunburn and disturbance of condition, and furthermore, olive virgin oil and natural UV protection ingredients guard the skin. 
It does not use any ultraviolet absorbent, it is an emulsion type sticking to gentleness to the skin. It is a gentle feeling of use on skin that is concerned with oily skin and acne, and skin sensitive to irritation. You can use it with confidence on delicate skin.

No fragrance · coloring · paraben free · natural ingredients formulation · UV absorber not used · non chemical.

Waterproof type strong against sweat and sebum. Nevertheless, it is preeminent comfort!

Like a lotion, smooth emulsion type with a light comfortable use. It stretches smoothly, does not sticky, does not remain white. With a natural fit, you can use it as makeup base. 
Moreover, because it is a waterproof type strong against perspiration and sebum, it blocks well even in outdoor leisure not to mention everyday ultraviolet rays.

How to use

Take an appropriate amount after shaking well, stretch irregularly in the whole face and body.