TUNEMAKERS Fullerene component  essense 10ml UV care

TUNEMAKERS Fullerene component essense 10ml UV care

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Undiluted care nurtures the skin to UV!

Fullerene component is also known as "Trouble absorbing sponge' It is called. 

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ 

-UV sunscreen couldn't prevent 
● Office dry and dust 
-Tobacco smoke 

↑ This "external stress, causes skin damage! 

Fullerene's reliable ally will shortcut the skin thoroughly and absorbs the sponge for trouble! 

Such Fullerene ingredients formulated with high marginal level until undiluted appeared from TUNEMAKERS! 
Is what leads to the clear skin with a smooth skin from UV damage and clear, sparkling [brightening undiluted] ☆ 

Fullerenes from earlier had paid attention to the effect that, although high unit price of the component itself was the problem. 

And though! 

There is a big hit brand TUNEMAKERS! Ultra luxury components Fullerene,

Fullerenes that well you know if this price is incredible! 
And reduce the large order savings and packages and advertising cost realized this price, devoted to the component from. 

Fullerene undiluted is also mixing sunscreen recommended to care from the moment, of course, exposed to UV light is spread directly on the skin. 
Fullerene firmly protect the skin, to it? 

How to use the? 
■ day ■ your UV care item and Fullerene ( 4:01 ) in mix at the rate, please use the. ■ night ■ hand lotion the number drops straight as you wish. ■ Special care ■ your cleanser and face masks hanging drops, please. Leads to the bright one tone toned skin soothes skin problems.