Suntory Milcolla
Suntory Milcolla

Suntory Milcolla Powder 30sticks, 30sticksx 2 very popular Japan

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This is a high-concentration PO ・ OG collagen, ceramide, etc. Beauty powder "Milcolla" 

which originally blended luxurious beauty ingredients.

You can ingest advanced ingredients necessary for age and beauty with stick 1 capsule every day. Bouncy tension, moisture full of dullness, shining everyday.

For one beauty above all. Well, why not start "Milcolla"?

   Because it is easy to dissolve in anything, just mix it with your favorite drinks and food.

・ Milk flavor , it fits anything well.

・ Drink coffee, tea, yoghurt, soup, etc. in your favorite thing and enjoy it.

・ It is delicious to eat even if mixed with dishes.

・ Because it is low lipid ※, it is also recommended for those who are on a diet.

・ 1 day stick 1 package is a standard. Keeping it everyday is important for your age and beauty, it is a nice handiness.