BCL Tsururi Refresh remover mask

BCL Tsururi Refresh remover mask Peel off Pack black head 55g

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【Apply, peel off type. Nasal mask]
It's just sticking to stubborn square plug pores between the nose and the eyebrows and peeling off!
A peel-off mask that leads to bright slender skin.

◆ With a pack of about 10 minutes, remove the dirt in the back of the pores rooted out!
Naturally derived components that adsorb soil adhere tightly to the pores where keratot plugs have accumulated, and then catch firmly.
Just peeling off the mask removes the accumulated dirt and leads the lotion to the familiar skin.
Dirt adsorption component: Gasol from Morocco (Morocco lava clay) Activated carbon of fine particles, bentonite

◆ moisturizing moisture & moisturizing smooth skin ingredients
Moisturizing ingredients: Morocco argan oil (Argania spinosa nuclear oil), jojoba seed oil, honey
Skin Cleansing Component: Hamamelis Leaf Extract, Sea Mint Leaf Extract

◆ The sense of relaxation, scent of herbal spa

How to use> ① Use it for clean and dry skin after cleansing.
② Take the appropriate amount in the dry hand and apply it so that the skin will be evenly hidden
in the area where the pore dirt such as the nose, chin, eyebrows, etc is concerned.
③ After about 10 minutes, when completely dry, peel off slowly from the edge. If you peel off from bottom to top, the plug will be easy to remove.
④ After use, prepare your skin with lotion or milky lotion.
* It is recommended for 1 to 2 special care per week.