Manis Whitening UV Body Cream (80 g)

Manis Whitening UV Body Cream SPF50 + / PA ++++ (80 g)

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● Medicated Body Day Anti-stopping emulsion.
● Whitening, moisturizing and UV measures are also triple-care with skin care sense.
● Active ingredient placenta extract, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate formulation.
● Moisturizing component Hyaluronic acid, collagen, squalane blending. It moisturizes the skin which tends to dry in the sun and air conditioning.
● Moisturizing your skin firmly with moisturizing ingredients while cutting ultraviolet rays and at the same time, whitening active ingredients suppress melanin production to prevent spots and freckles due to sunburn.
● Sticky and hard to float. Easy to wear with good elongation.
● It can be dropped easily with soap, facial cleanser, body soap and so on.
● SPF50 + / PA ++++ Cuts ultraviolet rays for a long time to protect your skin.
● Honorable scent of chamomile

[Contents amount] 80 g

【how to use】
Take an appropriate amount and spread it evenly throughout the body.
In order to maintain the sunscreen effect, we recommend that you repaint every two to three hours.
When dropping, please wash off the washing carefully carefully.