Botanical Marche CLEANSINGCLAY FOAM 120g

Botanical Marche CLEANSINGCLAY FOAM 120g

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"Three types of adsorptive clay, make-up and pore darkness stop secretly"


Muddy cleansing / 120 g
  • · Normal to oily skin
  • · Natural Makeup
  • · Blackhead pores are concerned
  • · I am doing pineapple ※ 1
Bubble cleansing with three kinds of adsorptive clay. The darkening of the pores is secretly turned off, it is a clean washing. If you are concerned about darkness, you can use it as spot care. 
* 1 When using cyanoacrylate type glue

About scent component

Lavender oil

Lavender oil

It is a gentle fragrance, it has been used for skin care since ancient times. It has a sedative effect, relaxing the stress and nervous mind and body.

Lemongrass oil

Lemon grass oil

It is said that it has been cultivated in India since it has been popular with people for thousands of years. It has been used in traditional medicine Ayurveda. The refreshing fragrance like lemon that this herb shoots gives you the power to uplift a tired heart.


Botanical's blessing 
~ 14 types of Botanical Extract formulation ~

Botanical extract (moisturizing ingredient) carefully selected , including tomato fruit extract which is said to have antioxidant effect , blended with its own balance.


Natural origin component 98% or more * 2

Botanical Marche combines the three functions of "dropping", "moisturizing" and "healing 
" and thinking "gentleness to the skin" and incorporates as much natural ingredients as possible.

※ 2 Hot gel is over 90%, Oil is more than 80%


Two types of cosmetic ingredients

Combines water-soluble collagen and hyaluronic acid Na, giving "moisture and moisture" to the skin after cleansing.

【Water soluble collagen】

Because it extracts collagen triple helical structure almost without breaking, it has a very excellent moisture retention, water retention, elasticity, resilience, etc.

[Na hyaluronic acid]

It is easy to dissolve in water and has high moisturizing power. It is a component that is often used for beauty essence etc. because it creates a protective film that makes skin familiar well, enhances moisture content of the stratum corneum, and makes it feel moist and smooth.



8 free prescriptions of peace of mind

Additives that may be a burden to the skin are not used.

  • Animal-derived component
  • Paraben
  • silicone
  • UV absorber
  • ethanol
  • Petroleum-based surfactant
  • Synthetic coloring
  • Synthetic fragrance

Commitment to water, use "ultra pure water" ※ 3

Ultrapure water is high purity water which removes impurities dissolved in bacteria and water to the utmost by repeating filtration by combining water purification technology. It is nearly impossible to "theoretical H2O" of purity 100%. The purity of ultra pure water is about 400,000 times higher than tap water!

※ 3 Excluding mud-awash cleansing

[Benefits of using ultrapure water for cosmetics]

Because the impurities are removed to the limit, cosmetic ingredients incorporated in cosmeticsfirmly demonstrate the role of 
" high washing " " high penetration " " high adsorption " " low irritation " without being affected by impurities 
You can expect.


W No washing face , easy design of wet hand OK

I am happy with my busy life scene and 2 in 1 of cleansing and facial cleansing. You can use it in the bathroom.