DHC Hot Cleansing Gel EX 200g

DHC Hot Cleansing Gel EX 200g make up remover Japan

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"DHC Hot Cleansing Gel EX" is a warm feeling cleansing gel that does not require double washing, it gets warm and durable when it is applied to the skin.
It softens the skin softly, has a good elongation, thick texture. Just like lightly massaging it, firmly removes make-up and dirt on the back of pores. In addition, it is possible to quickly wash out gel containing oily stains of makeup and sebum by clearly adapting to both oil and moisture "double approach prescription".
Besides skin tightening ingredients, cleansing and skin care are compatible with a variety of beauty essence ingredients. While supplementing the necessary moisture, it prepares a smooth, transparent and healthy skin.
Synthetic perfume and synthetic coloring are not used. While relaxing with the yellow coloration from warm plants and the natural aroma of fluffy spread Honey herbal, comfortable cleansing comes true.
You can use it while using eyelash extensions.
No coloring · Paraben free petroleum-based surfactant not used · Mineral oil non-use natural ingredient combination.
How to use
Be sure to use with dry hands.
Take a about 3cm size, lightly rub the palm and make it soft. Please stretch the whole face, massage well like make a light massage, then rinse with water or lukewarm water. Double cleansing is unnecessary.
※ Before flushing, if you take a small amount of water in hand and apply it to the entire face, it becomes easier to wash away.
※ If it gets in your eyes, please rinse immediately.