Maniss medicated whitening body lotion mist 150ml

Manis medicated whitening body lotion mist 150ml

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It is ideal for moisturizing care of your skin after sunburn, such as drying, spots, buckwheat, back acne and so on.

Whole body whitening countermeasure lotion that can be used throughout the year, just blowing on your face and body, became a mist of a more fluffy feel and renewed.

In addition to arbutin, the active ingredient of whitening (*), Calendula (tokinsenka) extract is compounded. While care gently moisturizing your skin exposed to ultraviolet rays during the day, deliver whitening ingredients to the deepest layer of horny matter, leading to a transparent skin with a transparent appearance.

In addition, Alps Herbal Extract (Edelweiss Extract) which inhabits in the harsh alpine environment which is always exposed to strong ultraviolet rays is compounded.

Edelweiss is a rare plant that grows only once a year, at the very least it is hard to cultivate because it is rooted only on land with an altitude of 1,000 meters or more.

Edelweiss, known as a clean flower without dirt, has produced a strong antioxidant component to protect itself from ultraviolet radiation, which is also beneficial as a cosmetic ingredient.

Delivering moisture to the skin that is prone to roughness by drying, leads to the original healthy and fresh condition.

It is made with synthetic coloring not used · mineral oil · paraben free. It is a subtle scent of chamomile.

※ "whitening" means to suppress the formation of melanin, to prevent spots and freckles