AHA by CLEANSING RESEARCH Oil cleansing make up remover 145ml


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☆ ☆ Just wiping out quickly, complete removal of makeup remover, facial cleanser, horny care ☆
It is AHA (fruit acid *) blended sheet cleansing.

【To people like this】
"I want to shorten the night cleansing, skin care!" "I want to rush but I want to drop the horny quality cleanly" "I will take seat cleansing for travel and overnight" ...

It is a cleansing sheet that removes make-up at the back of pores with a mesh sheet containing plenty of cleansing liquid.

【Features of this product】
● The mesh sheet firmly removes old horny and pore dirt.

● Horny Care Components Fruit Acid * Ingredients
To skin supple without dullness due to old horny.

● Moisturizing lotion ingredients moistly and softly
Aloe vera leaf extract, Hamamelis leaf extract

● 15 cm × 10 cm 60 sheets included

A refreshing scent of apples.
* Malic acid, lactic acid

【How to use】
Open the lid and pull on the inside ring to open it. Take it out one by one and gently wipe it off while folding the sheet so that it can be wiped off with a clean surface. When dropping a dense make-up, wipe it away after blending for a while. Do not wash away, proceed to the skin care step as it is. When dropping waterproof mascara, we recommend using eye makeup remover.