TUNEMAKERS Ceramide 200 (Undiluted solution beauty essence) 20ml
TUNEMAKERS Ceramide 200 (Undiluted solution beauty essence) 60ml

TUNEMAKERS Ceramide 200 (Undiluted solution beauty essence) 20ml

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Our no.1 popular concentrate solution! Highly-dense ceramide concentrate is recommended for dry, inner-dry, as well as sensitive skins. We’ve doubled the density of our rice-bran-derived ceramide saccharide known for its moisturizing attributes. Now higher in density and moisturizing power, this highly-concentrated nano ceramide product that retains the same refreshing texture seeps into the keratinous layer of the skin. The product conditions the skin from within to help it retain moisture and keep smooth. We recommend this highly-concentrated product to those with dry skin.

What is Ceramide 200 (Sphingoglycolipids of rice bran) (moisturizing ingredient))?
1. Ceramides in the keratinous layer
Ceramide is a kind of lipid in our bodies. As it plays an important role of retaining moisture, it is essential to a healthy keratinous layer. 
2. You’ve doubled the density of your ceramides? 
TUNEMAKERS doubled its ceramides to produce a highly-concentrated solution.

How to Use

1: Use it as a booster for concentrated care. Gently pat into face after washing your face. Afterwards, apply skin lotion. The product softens and conditions the skin for any kind of skin lotion or essence you apply afterwards.
2: Use it as skin lotion. Apply a proper amount on face depending on the condition of the skin.
3. Use it as part of your carry-around cosmetics (such as skin lotion, milky lotion, skin essence, cream), or apply to a specific spot you’d like to treat. You can use the product in any way you want depending on your skin condition.


Ceramide 200 (stock Essence)