LuLuLun Precious Cream 80g

LuLuLun Precious Cream 80g

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Lululun’s newest anti-aging line “Precious” includes a facial cream called, “Precious Cream”.
This cream provides superior moisturizing and nourishing properties to the deepest levels of skin. 
The fragrance of the cream is very gentle, soothing, and natural. 

Precious Cream is to be applied to cleansed skin in the morning and at night to keep skin hydrated, smooth, firm, and naturally radiant. This cream can also substitute as a sleeping mask.

Blended with a collection of highly effective anti-aging ingredients, progeline, and yeast cell wall extract to provide high quality hydration and essential nutrients to your skin. This cream helps activate one’s own skin revitalization to reveal a younger, healthier and beautiful complexion.

•Yeast Cell Wall Extract is a component that can protect skin against the negative effect of UV exposure. It also has a positive effect on skin cell regeneration. (Source: Ohly)

•Rice Bran Oil Extract is known to help target fine lines while also moisturizing the skin.

•Emollient Oil is derived from plants with high water-holding properties. Because of this, the benefits are less likely to evaporate after application.