CEZANNE Volume Comb Mascara
CEZANNE Volume Comb Mascara

CEZANNE Volume Comb Mascara

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For thin eyelashes, few eyelashes!

One by one, it is thick and dark, it looks as if the eyelashes have increased.

Spherical fiber: Blended spherical fiber. Unlike elongated fibers, the eyelashes are not tangled with each other.
Make one eyelash thicker and show eyelashes deeply.

Comb type brush: Comb brush that makes the eyelashes firmly from the root. Even if it is repeatedly applied, it does not become a lump.
It becomes a beautiful finish.
Film type: Easily dropable with lukewarm water, eyelash-friendly prescription. You can pinch the eyelash lightly and remove it easily.
Camomile extract (moisturizing ingredient) formulated



<How to use>
Please paint as combed from the root with a comb brush.