Canmake Mix Eyebrow
Canmake Mix Eyebrow
Canmake Mix Eyebrow
Canmake Mix Eyebrow

Canmake Mix Eyebrow

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You can use just this one item for everything from eyebrow make-up to nose-shadow!!!
Mix the three graduated shades to create a color as unique as you are.
Highlight your eye make-up and create natural shadows the way you want.

• You can mix the three light and dark shades of powder to adjust the shade and create one that is perfect for your own eyebrow color.
• The powder has a moist texture, so it clings to your skin, without dispersing.
You can create color in exactly the place you want it.
• The nose-shadow blends in well to your skin, highlighting your natural shadows, bringing out your features and emphasizing your eye make-up.
• Compact comes with a handy double-ended brush and applicator tip.
Best suited brush for nose shadow scrumbling! Suitable tip for outer edge of eyebrows
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[02] Natural Brown
A standard brown that can be used with all types of make-up.
The perfect color for those with natural hair color.
For a girlish, feminine impression.
color image
[03] Soft Brown
An ash-brown that blends in well with your natural eyebrow color. The ideal color for those with darker hair color.
For the soft-looking eyebrows of
a natural beauty.
color image
[04] Grayish Brown
A grayish brown that gives a soft finish, despite the darkness of the shade.
For those with black to dark brown hair.
color image
[05] Mocha Brown
Soft pinkish brown that finishes up with gentle impression. For sophisticated and adorable eyebrows.