Canmake Mat Fleur Cheeks
Canmake Mat Fleur Cheeks [01] Matte Apricot
Canmake Mat Fleur Cheeks [02] Matte Girly Rose
Canmake Mat Fleur Cheeks [02] Matte Girly Rose

Canmake Mat Fleur Cheeks

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Is it really a powder? Startling staying power!
Let the flowers of a smile bloom in your cheeks
♥Blush with a soft, light finish♥

The secret of super-soft cheeks ☆ Matte powder with a natural finish
Matte powder creates a soft shading effect! The matte texture ensures a translucent finish that never looks heavy♡
Enhances your complexion, giving you the softest, cutest cheeks♥
Soft-focus powder ★ Contains fixing powder!!!
● Matte powder with a soft-focus effect gives you a poreless look★
● With a highly light-diffusing effect, Focus Powder softly obscures textural irregularities caused by pores, concealing both fine lines and pores!
● Contains sebum-absorbing powder (silica) to prevent make-up run.
Highly absorbent, it sucks up excess sebum ♡ Keeps your make-up in place for hours on end.
Contains beautifying & moisturizing agents and plant & fruit extracts that your skin will love♥
Ectoin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, arbutin, rosemary leaf extract, pomegranate peel extract, damask rose flower oil, rosehip oil, Rosa multiflora fruit extract
★Formulation designed with your skin in mind★
Free from mineral oils, petroleum-based surfactants, ultraviolet absorbers, and fragrance
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[01] Matte Apricot
A versatile coral that suits everyone♡ For a bright, cute impression
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[02] Matte Girly Rose
A rose pink that fans of pink will adore♡
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[03] Matte Marmalade
Ideal for energetic girls♡ A Coral orange