House of Rose Acne veil face powder 16 g

House of Rose Acne veil face powder 16 g

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It is a medicated face powder that keeps beautiful finish without straining your skin while preventing acne and skin.
Fluffy soft powder covers natural color unevenness such as pimples, pores and skin, enhancing the finish of the foundation. Sebum adsorbing powder adsorbs extra sebum, and prevents gloss and makeup collapse. It is a feeling of smoothness fitting like blending.

[Medicated Face Powder]
16 g

[Active ingredient]
Salicylic acid · stearyl glycyrrhetinate

[Main beauty ingredients]
Kidachiaroe extract · Oubaku extract · Bilodo aoi extract · rose fruit extract in powder (agy extract, alkyl polyacrylate) · royal jelly acid (10-hydroxydecanoic acid BG) (all moisturizing ingredients)

※ fragrance free mineral oil oil free
※ Non-comedogenic tested (It is not that no comedo (origin of acne) occurs in everyone)


■ Product specification
[How to use]
While holding down the puff with your finger upside down, lightly shake it right and left. Please use after lightly rubbing the powder attached to the puff to the puff. When making make-up remedy, please use it after holding sebum with oil blotting paper etc.

* Keep puff clean at all times, please use exclusive sponge cleaner if it gets dirty. Rinse thoroughly, please be sure to shade after taking water with a towel etc.
* There are puffs to change with optional purchase.

Salicylic *, glycyrrhetinic acid stearyl *, talc, crosslinked dimethicone, sericite, crosslinked silicone network silicone block copolymer, alkyl acrylate copolymer, dimethicone, silicic acid anhydride, boron nitride, oxide Ti, lauric acid Zn, aloe extract -2, bark extract, Below de mallow extract, rose fruit extract, yeast extract -4, Aspalathus linen Alice extract, 10-hydroxy decanoic acid BG, .epsilon.-polylysine 10% solution, lauroyl -ε- lysine, myristic acid Mg , trisiloxane, silylation anhydrous silicic acid, highly polymerized dimethicone -1, methyl hydrogen polysiloxane, natural vitamin E, polyacrylic acid alkyl, hydroxide Al, BG, purified water, concentrated glycerin, mica, red iron oxide, black Fe oxide, yellow oxidized Fe, paraben
[* Is "active ingredient", those without * are "other ingredients"]