Addiction Oil Cleansing Addiction 150ml

Addiction Oil Cleansing Addiction 150ml

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I will also be captivated.

There is something I think is one that is working as a Make-up Artist and is ephemeral.
Even if it is a work that finished beautifully,
you have to remove it.

A friend's Artist says. That is why it is "the ultimate in beauty".
 Unlike other artists that leave the work, it is a work that must be remove quite a bit.

 Although it became a slightly exaggerated story, it is not limited to the work of Make-up Artist,
Makeup plays the role of "beautifully dressing up" and when finishing the day,
 It is a fate that has to remove everything without leaving.

That's why my Make-up Artist spirit sought beauty for dropping.
It is suitable for the first skin care product after 7 years of debut,
I wanted to make it a product that seems to be ADDICTION.
Elegantly comfortable, drop without stress, let flow.
And I can be satisfied with "the rest skin".
 The formula that I built carefully was finished in one and only balance.

Another product that will be captivated is the birth of a product.