House of Rose Acne veil tint base UV n (SPF 25 PA ++) 30 mL
House of Rose Acne veil tint base UV n (SPF 25 PA ++) 30 mL

House of Rose Acne veil tint base UV n (SPF 25 PA ++) 30 mL sunscreen

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Medicinal day kept stopping base milk that keeps the skin surface smooth without putting a burden on your skin while preventing acne and skin.
With a stubborn feel, it naturally covers acne scarring, pores, skin irregularities and so on, to make it bright and smooth. By soft-focus effect, we will finish fine and smooth skin without noticeable irregularities of the skin such as pores and texture. Sebum adsorbing powder adsorbs excess sebum, prevents cosmetic collapse, keeps a beautiful finish of freshly cured for a long time.

[Medicinal Day Anti-Effector Base Milk]
30 mL

[Active ingredient]
Stearyl glycyrrhetinate

[Main beauty ingredients]
Kidachiaroe extract · Oubaku extract · Bilodo aoi extract · rose fruit extract in powder (agy extract, alkyl polyacrylate) · royal jelly acid (10-hydroxydecanoic acid BG) (all moisturizing ingredients)

※ No fragrance · mineral oil · no UV absorber added · oil free · paraben free · alcohol (ethanol) free
※ SPF25 PA ++
※ Non-comedogenic tested (It is not that no comedo (origin of acne) occurs in everyone)
※ Waterproof type

■ Product specification
[How to use]
Shake the container well and take an appropriate amount in your hand, please uniformly spread with your fingertips over the whole face.

Glycyrrhetinic acid stearyl *, cyclopentasiloxane, purified water, low-temperature calcined Zn oxide, particulate oxidized Ti, POE · dimethicone copolymer, methylphenyl polysiloxane, Ti oxide, alkyl polyacrylate, BG, mica, dimethicone, hydroxide Al , Aloe extract 2, Ouberculosis extract, Bilodo aoi extract, Eishito extract, yeast extract -4, asparagus lineinaris extract, 10-hydroxydecanoic acid BG, 10% solution of ε-polylysine, black tea extract, methyl siloxane reticulated polymer, sesqui Sorbitan isostearate, stearic acid, crosslinked dimethicone, methylhydrogenpolysiloxane, silicic anhydride, sorbitan sesquioleate, trisiloxane, Aluminum diamylristate, natural vitamin E, concentrated glycerin, red oxide, sericite, yellow oxide, Black oxide Fe, phenoxyetha Lumpur
[* Is "active ingredient", those without * are "other ingredients"]